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Over It is more than a clothing brand, it is the brand of people, it is the brand of individual expression.”

Everything started
whit one

Where Urban Fashion
Meets Unbridled Creativity

In the depths of my creative journey, a spark ignited within me. Drawing was more than just a hobby; it became an integral part of my daily routine, fueling my imagination and pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression. Little did I know that within the strokes of my pen lay the seeds of a groundbreaking venture, the genesis of Over It—the very first company I would ever create.

Over It—where passion
meets purpose, and
creativity knows no bounds.

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The Process

It was during those immersive drawing sessions that countless ideas sprouted like wildflowers, weaving together the fabric of a compelling story. The concept of Over It began to take shape, growing organically as I delved into the world of street fashion, captivated by its vibrant energy and limitless potential.

The Idea

Building the foundation for Over It wasn't without its challenges, yet every obstacle served as an opportunity for growth. With unwavering determination, I embarked on a quest to gather inspiration from every corner of my surroundings. I eagerly absorbed the sights, sounds, and experiences that resonated with the spirit of urban culture, eagerly seeking the building blocks for my brand.

The Experience

Opportunities revealed themselves in unexpected ways. I seized every chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals, pooling our talents and ideas to breathe life into Over It. It was through these partnerships that the brand's initial concept solidified, fueled by the collective passion and relentless drive to create something truly remarkable.

Five years— a testament to the enduring spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. As I look back, a whirlwind of emotions floods my mind. The journey of Over It has been a profound chapter in my life a transformative experience that has shaped me in unimaginable ways.

Through every triumph and stumble, Over It has been my companion, teaching me invaluable lessons along the way. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve learned to embrace both the successes and failures as essential components of growth. Each obstacle became an opportunity, propelling me forward with unwavering determination.

Together, we will embark on a new chapter, embracing the challenges, celebrating the triumphs, and defying expectations.

The journey continues, my friends. Stay tuned, for the best is yet to come.